Inclusion NB

The Inclusion Journey in New Brunswick

Since 1957, our purpose has been to empower New Brunswickers with intellectual disabilities and their families. To find out more about our history, visit 150 Years of Inclusion.

We think differently.

Known for decades as the New Brunswick Association for Community Living, community living was a radical idea for the time. Back then, many thought people with intellectual or developmental disabilities belonged in a facility, needed special treatment, and should be kept away from their communities. Each day we work to change that.

We are a movement.

In 2022, we changed our name to one that embodies our ultimate mission and vision – that all people should be able to belong, contribute, and participate in everyday activities, in the community in which they choose to live.

We are Inclusion NB.

Now, with our vision, mission and principles firmly rooted in the ground-breaking work started decades ago, our new name makes it clear.

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Vision, Mission, Values & Principles

At Inclusion NB, all we do is rooted in our vision, mission, values and principles.

Our Vision

All individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability live full and valued lives in all aspects of society.

Our Mission

Leading the creation of opportunities for individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability and their families to live full and valued lives in all aspects of society.

Our Values

  • All people have equal rights to opportunity in the manner and extent of their choosing.
  • All people can contribute and bring value to our society.
  • Communities must be open and inclusive.
  • People deserve their own voice and the support to exercise their rights.

Our Principles

Rights and Responsibilities: Persons with disabilities have the same rights and the same responsibilities as other Canadians. They are entitled, as others are, to the equal protection and equal benefits of the law and required measures for achieving equality.

Empowerment: Persons with disabilities require the means to maximize their independence, make their own decisions and enhance their well-being.

Participation: Persons with disabilities require full access to the social, cultural, educational, legal, economic and physical infrastructure that support our society, so they can participate fully and equally in their communities.

Individual Focus: All policies and programs will be based on determining and enhancing individual strengths and capabilities as well as individual approaches which seek to maximize an individual’s potential and opportunities to participate in society.

Coherency: All policies, programs and activities will be coherent and will be based on the shared vision and goals as well as values and principles that are well understood. Inclusion NB will maintain a positive working relationship with all governments.

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