Inclusive Education

All Ages, All Stages

Early Learning

While the investment of government funding to reduce childcare costs in New Brunswick is a positive step, it has also opened the door for early learning centres to become more selective when accepting children. As a result, it is becoming more and more difficult for families of children with a disability to access affordable, quality childcare.

What we are advocating for:

  • Develop and adopt a provincial policy on inclusive early learning and childcare to ensure that families of children with a disability have equal access to inclusive, affordable childcare. This policy should ensure that early learning centres do not discriminate against children with a disability.


New Brunswick is leading the way both nationally and internationally with regards to inclusive education policy and legislation. Yet, inconsistencies in understanding and effectively implementing Policy 322, the Inclusive Education Policy.

What we are advocating for:

  • Maintain strong legislation and policy for an inclusive K to 12 education system and to on-going education and training on the effective implementation of Policy 322. Additionally, commit to maintaining the current restrictions on alternative education sites to the high school grades and to investing in the development of knowledge and in the human resources needed to increase capacity for an effective inclusive education.


Many students with a disability have the desire and drive to attend post-secondary education, yet the opportunity to pursue their goals is not a reality for everyone.

What we are advocating for:

  • Expand the number of seats available at NBCC and CCNB through the special admissions processes and adopt practices such as inclusive “micro-credentialing” (tailored, industry-specific, rapid training) to increase opportunities for post-secondary learning.

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