In the heart of Bathurst New Brunswick, we revisit Matthew Brown, a 37-year-old, as he continues his journey toward independence. To learn more about Matthew, you can find part 1 of his story here: Forging an inclusive, independent life.

We wanted to share the exciting update that Matthew has now achieved one of his goals – to live independently.

After residing in an assisted living facility for many years, Matthew is now choosing where and how he wants to live in his own apartment.

With his apartment within walking distance of his workplace, Giant Tiger, Matthew can easily commute to work, and access nearby amenities like the mall and library with ease.

Matthew’s new living arrangement is a great example of housing inclusivity: housing that is safe, affordable, physically accessible, close to activities, amenities, and services and welcoming of all people within diverse and dispersed mixed income developments, structures, and neighbourhoods.

Guiding Matthew through this transformative phase is Inclusion NB. We will continue to support Matthew as he experiences new situations related to independent living, like budgeting, with resourcefulness and confidence. Our team has also reached out to community partners to ensure Matthew has everything he needs for a successful transition, such as furniture and household essentials.

At Giant Tiger, Matthew’s enthusiasm and work ethic shine bright. He forges meaningful connections with his colleagues and builds a rapport with the store’s franchise owner, NAME fostering a supportive work environment where he can flourish.

“He appreciates the work that I do.”

As Matthew settles into his new home, he eagerly anticipates expanding his culinary horizons. With a desire to enhance his cooking skills, he is setting his sights on mastering new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen.

“Learning how to be more independent, like learning how to do more on my own, and cook on my own, those are my next goals.”